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Welcome! If you're here, it means you've finished Accidents Happen and want to know so much more about Andi (and her relationship with John) and Cal. I'm excited you clicked over here! If you're here on accident (*snickers*) that means you'll be reading scenes that might take away from the suspenseful experience I tried to create while writing Cal and Andi's story. 

     Accidents Happen started out as a love triangle. It was simple enough with Andi's day starting out as a fender bender and meeting Cal. However, as I continued writing the story I knew it could be so much more. Amnesia "struck" and the final version of Accidents Happen was created. I think it was more fun trying to piece together Andi's memories having already written her backstory and what actually happened between her and Cal.

I hope you enjoy these deleted scenes as much as I loved writing them!

*Small note. Please know that these scenes are not edited. Thanks for keeping that in mind while you read!

Accidents Happen

Deleted Scenes

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