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Alluring Kisses


Steamy Stand-Alone Shorts

Second Chance Kisses

Bartending at one of the hottest nightclubs in town, matchmaking is one of Sandy's favorite pastimes. The same can't be said about her own love life. 

Last year's Valentine's fiasco put a lockdown on her heart, and a new personal rule—no dating customers. That includes the drop-dead gorgeous man who won’t take no for an answer.


After having his heart crushed by his ex-wife, Max walked into Allure looking for a one-night stand. None of the women the luscious bartender suggests catch his attention—he wants the matchmaker for himself.

Now he needs to convince Sandy that the customer is always right.


Will Sandy and Max spend Valentine's Day alone?


Or can Max convince Sandy to break her ONLY rule and give them each a second chance at love?


A steamy second chance romance to heat up your Valentine's night.

Second Chance Kisses is a Valentine's Day stand-alone 13k short, second-chance, steamy romance—complete with an HEA!

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Irish Kisses

One night with a sexy Irishman might be more than she ever bargained for… but it might also be the luckiest thing to ever happen to her. 



Studying to be a doctor is the only thing I should have on my mind. Too bad my grades don’t reflect that at all. 

Thinking a one-night stand might help relieve some of my stress, I set my eyes on a sexy Irishman to help me out.

Only one problem: he doesn’t seem to understand that he’s supposed to leave right after the deed.



I know it was supposed to be a one-night stand, but I want more than one night with Bri.

So when her mother hires me to be Bri’s tutor, I’m all too happy to help… until I see the real reason her grades aren’t up to par. I only hope Bri forgives me for killing her dream.


A one-night stand romance to heat up your St. Patrick's Day!

Irish Kisses is a St. Patrick's Day stand-alone 14k short, one-night stand, steamy romance—complete with a HEA!

Sweet Kisses


A snowstorm, car troubles, and a sprained ankle all make for one steamy, sensuous night and more heat than the sunny, hot beaches of Florida.



Passing through town on her way to Florida, Daria is only working at Allure to make some quick cash and get back on the road. After all, the warm, sandy beaches, her best friend, and a new life are all waiting for her. Daria has no intention of staying, even if Tyler has a way of sweeping her off her feet.


Walking into Allure, Tyler only expected to earn some extra money for him and his son. He had no idea a sexy waitress would capture his heart the moment he laid eyes on her. But knowing Daria won't be around long, Tyler's not so sure he's willing to let her drive away with his heart.


Can Tyler convince Daria this single dad is worth changing her plans for?


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True Kisses


One Wedding. One Perfect Night. Unfortunately, It's All Fake.


I've always had a thing for Chloe. 

She's more than sexy. 

Sweet. Adorable. My list goes on and on. 

So why don't I ask her out?

Easy. Chloe only sees me as a friend. 

Okay—and a guy who's slept with a lot of women. 

But Chloe has a problem—she needs a hot date for her ex's wedding. 

Chloe might think my roommate would workout, but I'm going to show her that I'll be the perfect date.

I'll be the guy to help make her ex realize what he's missed out on.

I just hope I don't get my heart tangled up in the process.  

Fiery Kisses


The past can haunt you.
I was always known as the bitch.

The woman everyone loved to hate.

I was fine with that. 

It protected me from getting hurt.

Then my past walked through the door of Allure and I couldn’t help but want revenge.

Unfortunately, revenge can backfire and my heart may get caught up in the crossfire.

My past has a name -- Dawson Galbrant.

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Scorching Kisses


Noisy neighbors, misunderstandings, and a new partnership might be the start of something else...


Carrie's dream has always been to flip houses. She's already sold two homes at top dollar, so this townhouse should be no problem. Even if she has to do it without her boyfriend—she's determined she can do this one on her own. After all, she has every detail planned out. What could go wrong?


Byron can't stand all the noise waking him early every morning. It's hard enough to get up for his soul-sucking job, let alone being woken by the constant construction. When his company lays him off, he decides it's time to get started on his dream of brewing and selling beer. If only he had the money to get it going. 


When it's obvious Carrie needs a little more help than she initially thought and Byron has to have money to get his new dream company to take-off—can these two set aside their anger long enough to work together?


A hate-to-love romance to heat up your Labor Day!

Scorching Kisses is a Labor Day stand-alone 14k short, sexy, not-so-neighborly steamy romance—with a HFN!

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Falling Kisses


Halloween isn't so scary when you run into a sexy pirate. I'll be his first mate any day and all day…


Following her ex out to LA didn't exactly work out too well for Val. Her mother likes to remind her of that and all her other failures constantly. So when she hears about an opening for her dream job, she's determined to go after it and not add this to her long list of failures.


Sean has had his heart set on Val ever since the first day of culinary school. Until she left with another guy to become a star chef out in LA. When he sees her again with her cute little Daisy Duke Halloween costume, he's determined to impress her with a new chef's job at the best restaurant in town. He just has to get it first.


Falling hard for each other is one thing, but when Val and Sean find out they're after the same job, will it end their romance before it's had a chance to get started?



A friends-to-lovers romance to heat up your Halloween!

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Thankful Kisses


Thanksgiving has never been so sexy.


Austin Gannon has me hooked. Sexy looks, fun-loving charm, and that particular something that has my heart hammering inside my chest. It's no question why I'm so addicted to him and why I want to keep him around much longer than any other man I've been with. So when my best friend suggests I invite him to my parents' over-the-top Thanksgiving bash, I make the mistake of asking him. And that's precisely what it is…a huge mistake.


Olivia Rochman, or Liv, as I like to call her, is one of the hottest, down-to-earth women I’ve ever met. Besides her incredible bedroom skills, she’s definitely someone I’d like to keep around and maybe not just for our late-night trysts. That is until she asks me to some family Thanksgiving thing, then my brakes are on and second thoughts about keeping her around kick in. I'm not getting roped into a relationship. When push comes to shove, I might be walking out the door without a second glance. The problem is, I'm not sure I can walk away from her.


A friends-to-lovers romance to heat up your Thanksgiving!

Thankful Kisses is a Thanksgiving stand-alone 16k short, sexy, friends-to-lovers romance—with a HEA!

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Wishful Kisses


A deal's a deal…

Until it comes to their relationship.

Some deals are made to be broken.


With the renovations to the townhome completed, Carrie makes plans for her next flip.

Considering she knows their relationship will be ending as soon as it sells,

She needs to do something to keep her mind off leaving Byron.


Byron can't believe how fast Carrie is moving on to her next project.

He's never felt this way about a woman before,

And he's not sure how to make her stay.

Maybe helping him with another project will keep her around longer.

Or maybe he needs to make his feelings toward her a little more known.


After all, Christmas is a time for wishing.

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Midnight Kisses


One Night.

That's all Hailey wanted.

Just one night to push aside all her obligations.

Then Trevor ran into her.


Neither can stop thinking about each other.

Will one magical Midnight Kiss lead to more?

And will one New Year's Eve together be enough?

Enjoy the last book in the Alluring Kisses series...all complete with a Midnight Kiss! 

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