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Isabella is on the run. Keeping her secrets guarded closely, she finds solace with a man who is caring, warm, and loving, the complete opposite of what she left behind.


Zander can’t trust love. He has a string of bad relationships as proof, and it leaves him wondering if Isabella is just one more temptress who will break his heart.


A troubled past threatens the budding relationship between Isabella and Zander. She can’t shake the eerie feeling of her ex lurking in the shadows ready to end her newly found happiness.


Unfortunately, she’s right.



Adult Content. 18+


Matt had it all: The perfect job, a thriving social life, and money to spare. His cavalier approach to dating kept his heart guarded and his nights exciting. Everything changes when his job relocates him.


In the office, Vanessa enjoys a sense of control. Outside, Vanessa’s life is a chaotic mess. Constantly seeking acceptance, her choices follow suit, leading her to accept the engagement proposal from predictable Charles, the doctor. But Charles is safe. Boring. She wants more… desire, passion, romance. To feel like a choice, not a convenience.


Matt and Vanessa are oil and water. His devil-may-care approach to dodging rules bump up against her dedication to following policy, and she can’t bite back her frustration at how his impetuous behavior seemingly lands him the world. When his office antics bring their relations to a boiling point, the friction leads to an explosive night.


One night. That’s all it was… a mistake. An escape.






Clark leaves heartache in his wake at every turn. He’s perfected the art of a well-oiled one-night stand. Banging a girl in record time in the back room at his favorite bar has always been his M.O.


Aubrey should know this better than anyone. After all, she was one of his one-night stands. Even though she has fond memories of that night, she adheres to her own set of rules when it comes to using a guy–One time only.


But, when Aubrey willingly moves in with Clark, the most attractive, annoying womanizer she’s ever met, their living situation forces the pair into an unlikely, and at times, unusual friendship…and what develops from that is something they never could have predicted.


The walls they both spent their lives trying to construct start to crumble beneath the power of friendship and lustful attraction. 


When those walls come down, will either of them be able to handle what’s happened to their hearts?


*Each book in the Alluring Promises series can be read as a stand-alone.

Alluring Promises


a stand-alone series

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