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Accidents Happen


A small fender bender brought them together.

A hit and run tore them apart.


Waking up in a hospital room, Andrea Vasslor has no recollection of her past.  All she knows is that two men are vying for her heart--and one of them is the father of the child she's carrying.


The one by her side claims to be her husband, offering to piece together the lost memories of her past.  The other holds her heart, searching desperately for the woman he knows and loves.  


When their paths collide once again, truths are revealed, hearts are tested, and love reignites.  But can Andrea determine which memories are real and which are only illusions of the past? 

"Accidents Happen is an intriguing story with twists and turns that kept me furiously turning the pages."  - Amazon Reviewer


"A wonderful beginning to a new romantic series with the perfect mix of mystery, suspense, twists, turns and heartwarming romance."  - Pamela Mitchel, Amazon Reviewer


"If you enjoy romances with mystery, heartache, and a bit of action, this one might be perfect for you!"  - JM Miller, Author


"This book had me on the edge of my seat until the very end. A perfect mix of romance and intrigue!"    

- Jenni Moen, Author

Psst! When you finish reading Accidents Happen - click this link to unlock more of Andi's memories! That's right! Come check out the deleted scenes, but only AFTER you've read it so you don't spoil your reading experience! Type "accident" as the password!

Access Deleted Scenes!

Trust Me Forever 


Would you risk it all for that one true love? 



The one boy who'd broken my heart.

He promised he'd come for me…

But he never did.


Faced with a choice, I succumbed to a life I never wanted.

Now I’m on the run.

The goal: buy a fake passport and get out of the country.


Then I ran into him.


The skinny, shy boy was all grown up. Sexy, confident, and promising me everything I'd always dreamt of having with him.


Could I trust him with the truth? With my heart? Again?

TMF Trust Him With Heart
TMF Love

Forever Hoping


Waiting on a ring wasn't something Carissa ever thought she'd have to do. After all, Jay pursued her and convinced her to leave Eric, the guy who actually did propose to her.

Had she made the wrong decision?

After seeing Jay slave away at his Dad's company without getting any respect from his Dad, it was obvious Carissa wasn't one of his priorities. 

Carissa needed to make a decision.

One that was right for her instead of waiting around and forever hoping on Jay. 

Release date coming soon...

Forever Happens


a stand-alone series

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