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John Picks Andi Up For Their Date

     John stood there stunned—unable to speak. Lana’s work did not go unnoticed, however, she did. She slipped out the door, winking at me as John stood there stupefied. I watched his Adam’s apple bob and his tongue darted out to lick his lips. I turned to grab my clutch for the night not realizing he would take that as an okay to enter my apartment. 

     He stood in the doorway taking in all of my accommodations with wide eyes. “Uh, Andi. Whu…” He chuckled as he looked back to me. “Why do I feel like we stepped back in time to college?”

     I wasn’t sure if I should be offended, but I wasn’t. It is what it is. The studio was tiny and probably even less than what we had in college. Ignoring his questions, I lifted my brow. “Are you ready or did you feel the need to go on about how little I have.” 

     Thick blonde hair fell into his eyes as he shook his head. “That’s not what I meant, Andi. I would have helped you find something and pay for it while we figure out our situation. You moved out so quick, I didn’t have time to help you. Or talk you out of it. Which was what I would have preferred.”

     “So you could tell me the reason you were fucking my best friend?”

     “So I could try to explain myself. I mean, how long were we married and you just decided to leave without talking about it first?”

     “Talk about it? Talk about what, John? The angle in which you were pounding into my best friend. On your desk?”

     His phone rang out and I huffed, knowing he’d answer it. He checked the screen quickly and then put up his finger like I knew he would, asking me to wait. While he spoke with the party on the other line, I paced wondering why I agreed to go out with him. Closure. Wasn’t this the closure I needed? He cheated on me. What more do I need to close the book? That’s when I felt his strong hand rub my arm like he used to do when I was upset and he was on the phone. I looked up to see him staring at me with pleading eyes. His expression begged me to wait for him. Did I owe him that? After all our years of marriage?

     “Right.”…“No, I understand fully”…“Yes, please make sure that proposal gets placed on top.”…“Thank you, again.” He hung up, his eyes still begging me. “I’m sorry. I had to take that call.” 

     I shrugged as he took my hands in his. His hands felt so familiar in mine and even though it had only been last night that they had been wrapped around me, I felt like this small thing meant so much. Despite my hatred for him cheating on me, my heart wouldn’t stop feeling torn between wanting what we once had and moving on with my life. His thumb gently strummed along my knuckles and I was having a hard time staying mad at him. 

     “Let’s head out to dinner. I want a chance to explain.” Before I even had a chance to think about what he said, his lips were on mine. Soft lips. A sweet soft kiss that brings back all those tingly feelings. The kind that makes you forget what you were fighting about. The kind that brings back all the good times we’ve had. Like yesterday, it was a kiss that was so familiar and after not having it for so long made you crave for more. 

     When he pulled back, I still felt his lips on mine. Another squeeze to my hands opened my eyes to his regretful smile. “Please give me a chance to explain this time. You didn’t want to talk yesterday, I understand. What we did last night was amazing and I want you back no matter what.” His soft voice implored me and as much as my knee wanted to slam into his balls, my heart wanted what we once had too much. 

     Just a moment ago, I had more than enough to say to him. To yell at him. Yet with a soft kiss to my lips and his hand giving me that familiar tender touch, my voice left me and all I could do was nod.

     I felt like I was in a movie and any moment now, I might hear outbursts from the people who were watching me on screen. “Idiot” is what they’d yell. At least, that’s what I would have yelled at the woman who was going to go out on a date with her husband who cheated on her, let alone who she slept with last night as a last time fling

Accidents Happen

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