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Lucky Little Lies


One dinner.

One lie.

Changed their lives forever.


One sinful night of passion with a nameless man cost me six months of rotten luck.

Now he’s back and asking for a favor.

Pretending to be his wife for one night should be simple enough.

After all, it’s just one little lie, right?

I know better than to help him out, but I can’t help myself. 

He makes me want to risk it all. 

a stand-alone novel

Lucky Little



     “So, Kira.” Celia drawled out my name from across the table. “How did you two meet?” she asked with a spark to her eyes as she waved her champagne glass between Brant and me.


     Brant immediately stopped chatting. “Oh, uh,” both Brant and I said at the same time. I pressed my lips together and placed my hand on his. “I’ll let you tell them, sweetheart.” I’d never called anyone sweetheart in my life, but for some reason, it felt right. And I received the heart-melting smiles of the wives around the table—except for Miranda whose smile was obviously so fake I would have assumed she had Botox injections right before dinner.

     “Well,” Brant laughed nervously. “Um, I’ll tell just the highlights, but it really—”

     “Oh, come on, we’re all friends here!” Sidney laughed with a spark to her eyes. The light caught her diamond engagement ring and instantly I panicked that I didn’t have one. Or a wedding band, for that matter. Under the table, I quickly removed the ring given to me for graduation by my grandmother and slipped it onto my left ring finger. Glancing over, I realized Brant didn’t have one either. I wasn’t sure what to do, or if he had come up for a reason for that. If I was wearing my grandmother’s ring, it would look strange for whatever reason he might come up with, so I quickly moved it back. 

     Brant glanced at me and I couldn’t help but let out a small nervous laugh. What if they found out we didn’t even know each other’s names until the day before?

     “It all started with red traffic lights,” Brant started as he gave me a small smile. It seemed cheesy, but that darn dimple reeled me in. My nervous energy somersaulted while my heart swooned. Instantly, I realized he was fantastic at commanding everyone’s attention at the table.

     There was more than just small curiosity about what he would say. I wanted to know his version of what had happened that night. Where had he been going to begin with? Was he really that taken with me?

     I knew I had been a one-night stand, but there was that instant—when I had left my phone number—that hope had swelled it might be more than just that between us. When I finally realized he wouldn’t be calling me back, any thoughts of something more with him had vanished from my mind. Well, to be honest, it hadn’t disappeared from my fantasies. Yet there I was pretending to be his wife.

     Maybe instead of fighting the dinner, which was already happening, I should have actually been enjoying myself. I picked up my glass of champagne and took a healthy drink. The alcohol warmed my belly and I allowed myself to be swept up by the night and my new husband. My conscience had a gag around her mouth and was locked away in a closet. At least for the time being.

     “Ohh this is going to be good,” Celia said as she shimmied her shoulders and sat up to listen.

     “Well, it was late on a Friday night and I was hitting each and every light on Main Street. From the corner of my eye, I saw the woman in the car next to me take her top off,” Brant said as he looked at me and winked. My mouth popped open and I hoped he wasn’t going to tell them everything about our night.

     Anna bumped my shoulder, her eyes wide as she laughed at Brant’s description. I shook my head, playing along.

     “Ohh, the X-rated version!” Celia shouted, and took a drink from her glass. The men around the table were either laughing or their ears were perked up just as much as their wives’.

     I blushed and covered my face with my hands, laughing. I held up my hand. “I had a top on underneath,” I added in my defense.

     Brant laughed as he smiled at me. “She did. It wasn’t much of a top, but from what I saw it was perfect.” The spark in his eye as he retold our story made everything tingle inside me.

     I tilted my head, smiling, my heart melting all at the same time. I realized how sweet it all felt. How sharing “our” story, small as it was, was endearing. This part was not made up. This really was our story and I loved hearing him retell it, especially since I had replayed it in my mind so many times in the past six months.

     “Anyway, she had shimmied out of her pants at one point and put something else on. I almost got into several accidents trying to see what I could.” Brant laughed and then continued. “I followed her—”

     “Oh, now you sound like a stalker,” Anna joked, while winking at me.

     Brant chuckled as he looked over to me, and I licked my lips, wanting to kiss that dimple of his. “Yeah, I kind of felt like one, actually. But you—” He pointed to me as his eyes sparkled, and then shook his head as he continued. “She did yell out the club she was going to.”

     I nodded. “I did, so it was kind of my fault for enticing a stalker,” I joked as I took another drink of champagne, allowing the alcohol to help me enjoy the moment a little more. 

     “Anyway, we danced all night and…the rest is history.” Brant leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. Everything inside me, especially the warmth of the champagne, made me want to turn my head and enjoy the sweetness of his lips on mine.

     “I think we just got the G-rated version,” Sidney called out, looking around the table. The other couples laughed and agreed with her.

     I chuckled and leaned against Brant. He wrapped his arm around me and then bent down. His lips touched mine enough to linger, and the feeling went straight through me. Right then I felt like I never wanted the night to end.


Lucky Little Lies

Copyright © 2018 Josie Bordeaux

Free Excerpt from Lucky Little Lies.
Chapter 8
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