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Meet At The Construction Site

     “OK, just making sure because, well, you know, Carissa asked me about twenty times to remind you.” Jay shrugged.

     “Yeah, I know. I still don’t think this is a great idea, though.” Carissa promised me if this date with her friend didn’t turn out all right she wouldn’t take it out on me. I tried to convince both of us of her promise, knowing it wouldn’t turn out that way really. 

     “Are these the latest blueprints?” Jay glanced down at my desk. I wasn’t sure if he were really here to go over the blueprints, remind me of my date tonight or because it was just Jay being the asshole boss that he was. And my big brother.

     “Yeah, but I’m still having a problem with this wall right here.” I pointed at my problem and then added, “Alex still hasn’t answered me about it.” Alex, the architect of our construction company and also our little brother.  

     Howls and whistles jerked both our heads up to look out the window. Outside that small frame, a white Audi sat there amidst a swarm of dust clouds. The door swung open and the cloud of dust dissipated. 

     Legs. That’s all I saw and knew why there were so many cat calls.

     “Is that the woman you hit this morning?” Jay asked, still staring just as I was.

     “The very same one I hit when I was on the phone with you telling you again that I’d remember my date with Carissa”s friend.” It was on the tip of my tongue to tell him that I really wanted to go out with this woman instead. 

     I couldn’t keep my mind off of her all day long. The way she stood in front of her car, hand on her hips with a tight skirt wrapped around her fit body. I worked my ass off all day long just to think of anything but her. Funny, it wasn’t on the date I’ve got tonight but about meeting this woman to discuss hitting her car. 

     Jay let out a low whistle. “Wow, she’s got that girl next door thing going on. Damn, she’s hot.” 

     I grinned. Yeah, it was the same exact thing I thought this morning when I watched her get out of her car, angry and headset on clawing my eyes out in the middle of the intersection. The fire in her eyes blew me away. 

     My eyes darted to the jerk stalking over toward her. Trevor. Without a shirt. That asshole hits on anything and everything. Usually, I laugh when I watch him in action. This time, it annoyed the hell out of me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stop watching their exchange. She seemed flattered with his flirting. If only she knew how many times he did that and with how many women. 

My stomach lurched when I noticed how well it was working for him. She smiled sweetly at him and tucked a brown, silky lock of wavy hair behind her ear. Her big brown eyes lit up as he gave her his spiel. I swallowed hard and grabbed my personal checkbook out of my top drawer.  

     “Wow, he’s laying it on really thick this time. Man, Trevor’s got his line down. Looks like she’s falling for it too. Wow…sucker,” he sang as I darted out the door. I was in a slow jog until I realized I probably looked like an eager idiot and slowed down to a more manly type of walk.  

     I got to where they were and stood there for what seemed like a full minute while I waited for Trevor to scribble out his number on some receipt with the carpenter pencil he usually had tucked behind his ear.  The whole time I wished I had something witty to tell her about that piece of paper, but I had nothing come to mind. So like a dumb fuck, I just stood there. 

     Trevor looked over at me. “Hey, Cal.” Then looked back at her and winked. Flashing a smile that probably melted her heart and soaked her panties, he then told her, “I better get back to work.”  I looked over to her and yep, it worked. She looked like she needed to fan herself. 

     I cleared my throat in hopes of bringing her back into the real world from “Trevor’s World”.  She looked up at me. Okay, it was more of a glare back at me as she remembered why she was there and what I did to her precious car.  

     “So, uhh, Hi. Umm, how’s the car running?” I stuttered like an idiot. How old am I? I was acting like a boy asking a girl out on his first date. Unfortunately, I wasn’t asking her out.

     “It seems to be running fine.” She kept her eyes averted from me, but luckily not back over to Trevor. She seemed just as annoyed about the accident as she was this morning. I guess Trevor’s charms hadn’t worked that great. Which might be a good sign for me. Or was it? I couldn’t figure that out right now.  

     “Umm, so, what do you think it might cost to fix that? Or do you want to have it looked at first?” I probably should have thought this out prior to her coming here. I suddenly wasn’t sure if she might be the type to take advantage of something like this. I decided to quickly add, “A buddy of mine has a shop and can fix it for you pretty quickly if you’d like.” I added my best smile hoping to win her over from glaring at me. I wasn’t too sure how long she was going to be upset with me. I hoped it would fade soon, though.

     Her glare actually came down a notch, thankfully and she replied, “Yeah, actually, that might be easiest for both of us then you can just pay him directly, too.” 

     Hmm, well, good, she’s not out to get my money like all of my dad's wives. Good to know. “Do you still have my card I gave you earlier? I can write his information on it for you.”  

     She nodded and pulled the card from her purse and handed it to me.  

     I quickly wrote down Frank’s info on the back of it. “I’ll give him a call and let him know you’re coming. Is there a day in particular you want to go down there?” 

     She rolled her eyes like she had several times this morning, which only made me chuckle.

      Which just made her glare at me from under her gorgeous long lashes with those beautiful big brown eyes. Man, she was really gorgeous, even angry. I coughed to try to cover my chuckle and then realized she might be worried about missing time from her job.  “I could pick you up and drop you off at your work, if that’s what you’re concerned about,” I offered. 

     She seemed to think about the suggestion and then stated, “No, I’ll be ok. I work less than 2 miles away from where I live, I can just walk to work. Thank you, though, for your offer.” She added the last part in a nicer way than I had seen her act toward me all day.  “Umm, yeah, if you could just tell him I’ll drop it off tomorrow.” Then she looked down at the number. “Where is this by the way?” I told her the address and I could see the concern marring her features.  

     Sensing that was farther from where she worked, I interrupted her thought, “I can meet you there tomorrow and drive you over to work. I really don’t mind. It’s not a problem, really, considering I’m the reason you’re having to do all this.” 

     She thought a bit more about the proposal and said, “Yeah, ok, if you don’t mind. I’ll take you up on that, thank you. Maybe 8 or 8:30? I start work at 9, so that would give me time with any traffic we run into.” 

     I smiled brightly. “Not a problem at all.” 

     “Ok, good, umm…thank you. I’ll see you tomorrow morning,” she said and turned to go back to her car.  

     I watched her for a second or so and then realized I was probably gawking at her, standing there by myself in the gravel parking lot. She looked up one last time and smiled. A smile that completely melted my heart. I was done for and knew I had to know more about her. 

     That’s when I realized I had never even asked for her name. 

     Smooth. Really smooth, Cal.

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