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Trust Me Forever Is LIVE!

Would You Risk It All For That One True Love?

Finally! You've "seen" Alex in Matt's book, Romantic Promises (Alluring Promises series, book 2) as Matt's prankster best friend. You were given another glimpse of Alex in Accidents Happen as Cal's brother and also his coworker at Marquis Construction. Now it's Alex's turn! Well, and Cory. I mean, we can't really have one with out the other, right?

I'm proud to announce we now have Alex and Cory's love story! Although Alex and Cory face challenging obstacles, I fully believe that their love story shines through. I hope you enjoy Trust Me Forever and I look forward to your honest feedback and reviews!

Would you risk it all for your one true love?


The one boy who'd broken my heart.

He promised he'd come for me…

But he never did.

Faced with a choice, I succumbed to a life I never wanted. Now I’m on the run. The goal: buy a fake passport and get out of the country.

Then I ran into him.

The skinny, shy boy was all grown up. Sexy, confident, and promising me everything I'd always dreamt of having with him.

Could I trust him with the truth? With my heart? Again?

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