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Running Into Andi - Cal's POV

     “A beautiful woman walks into a pub in an evening gown and all eyes are on her…”

     “You forgot to add it was a dark and stormy night.” The sparkle in her honey eyes only made the allure of her more prominent.

     “And the rain was falling in a torrid. “

     “And she couldn’t pay for her drink.”

     “Ah, we’ll leave that part out. Who needs to know that.”  She sure didn’t want anyone to know that; it was painfully obvious. So was the fact that her mascara darkened her eyes. Or the fact that those same eyes framed by the dark mascara were red, puffy, and swollen. No, that part didn’t need to be retold either. The fact that this whole scenario made me desire her even more, was something to be said too. Funny how just a couple of days ago a small car accident brought us together and then again by total coincidence tonight. 

     “What’s your reason for being here?” She asked as her finger played with the stem of her wine glass.

     “My brother is usually in here. He’s got a thing for one of the waitresses and lately, his mind hasn’t been too into work. I was going to try to talk to him.”

     “Ah. Is he a construction worker too?”

     I chuckled at her comment knowing that’s what she thought I did. Who could blame her? After all, she did meet me over at the construction site later the day of the accident so I could pay her for the dent I’d put in her car.

     “Sort of. It’s a family thing.” I didn’t mention anything else. Always keeping the thought of gold-digger at the back of my mind.  

     “What about you? You always go walking into pubs in an evening dress?”

     “On rainy nights? You forgot that part.” Her smile dropped, probably about to add that she couldn’t even pay for her drink. Earlier, Liam, the bartender was just about to tell her that her debit card declined the swipe, but I swooped in with a quick nod. I’d been a patron at that bar he’d known what I meant.

     “Oh right, yes, I did.” I chuckled again and felt the heat in the place rise more and more as we continued our little banter. I knew it was me. It’s rainy and cold outside. How she was dressed was definitely a factor of the way my body temp was heating up.

     “Let’s just say, a date gone wrong. Story of my life.”

     “Should I add the quote from a famous movie here?”

     The corners of her lips pulled into a small smile and that tugged at the pounding in my chest. It was the first time I’d seen her smile. Since we met, actually. She was so ticked off at me when I had run my truck into her car, even my corny jokes at the site couldn’t do that. I wasn’t sure why it was now that I was able to. 

     I was saved from saying some silly corny line about her eyes when the bar erupted into cheers. At the other end, a celebratory and also completely trashed guy proclaimed, “A shot of tequila for the whole damn bar!”  

     Laughter filled her eyes and also what I believed to perceive, maybe a bit of apprehension. 

     “You like tequila?” 

     “Well, I haven’t done it since college, which was also a good thing because the last time I did it, I …” She caught herself and the sadness in her eyes were unmistakable. I wasn’t sure who hurt her tonight or who broke her heart before, but I could only assume it had all started with that tequila night.

     “Seems like you need to replace that tequila story with another.” 

     Her eyes bore into mine. Not in a way that she hated me for saying that, there was a thank you behind that stare. She held it for a moment as a tear appeared and I knew right then that she had come to the same realization. 

     “I think that would be wise. New memories are always good with a shot of tequila.” She chuckled, an honest laugh that fell from her lips. “Well, maybe not all good memories start with tequila.” 

     Our shot glasses were placed in front of us, as Liam moved fast to make sure the whole bar got their shots in record time. I grabbed mine and she picked up hers. With a quick sniffle, she raised hers and said, “To new beginnings and washing away the past with the rain outside.”

     I couldn’t help but smile at that. I definitely could use a new beginning too. 

Accidents Happen

Deleted Scenes

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